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Frontline Top Spot (Merial)


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Product Description

Frontline Top Spot is a monthly topical parasiticide for dogs and cats. It quickly targets and kills adult fleas, lice, American dog ticks, brown dog ticks, deer ticks and lone star ticks.  A single dose remains effective for 30 days.

This helps to protect pets against diseases like flea allergy dermatitis, and tick related diseases like Lyme disease, and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. It also aids in protecting against sarcoptic mange infestations in dogs.

It is appropriate for use in dogs/puppies over 10 weeks of age and cats/kittens over 12 weeks of age.


  • Convenient: Frontline Top Spot is quickly and easily applied. No hassle or mess with full body shampoos or creams.
  • Quick Acting: Frontline Top Spot spreads throughout the entire body of the pet within 24 hours
  • Long Lasting: One dose of Frontline Top Spot provides protection for 30 days.
  • Versatile: Kills a wide range of parasites including fleas, lice and ticks. Also helps control mites.
  • Waterproof: Once Frontline Top Spot has been absorbed, pets are free to bathe or swim without impacting the efficacy of the medicine.
  • Disease Protection: Effective in preventing flea allergy dermatitis, tick related diseases, and sarcoptic mange infestations.
  • Infestation Protection: Kills new fleas before they have a chance to lay more eggs.

How It Works

Frontline Top Spot’s active ingredient, fipronil is absorbed by the oil glands during application. This fipronil is then transmitted through the oils and hair follicles of the pet to fleas, ticks or lice on contact.  The fipronil interacts with the parasites’ nervous system, causing it to malfunction, killing the parasite.

The solution continues to be active in the oil glands of the pet for thirty days following the application of a single dose of Frontline Top Spot.


First, ensure that your pet is completely dry and that you are using the right size applicator in accordance with the weight of your pet.



Cats 12 weeks and older

One Frontline Top Spot Green Tube Per Month

Dogs 10 weeks and older weighing 22 lbs or less

One Frontline Top Spot Orange Tube Per Month

Dogs 10 weeks and older weighing 23-44 lbs

One Frontline Top Spot Blue Tube Per Month

Dogs 10 weeks and older weighing 45-88 lbs

One Frontline Top Spot Purple Tube Per Month

Remove the applicator (tube) from its packaging. Holding the applicator tube upright, open it by snapping the tip of the applicator away from you.

Part the pet’s fir between the shoulder blades, and place the tip of the applicator against the skin. By squeezing the applicator tube, apply the entire contents to one spot on the skin between your pet’s shoulder blades where it cannot lick.


  • Side effects, while rare, may include irritation at the site of application, and drooling. If side effects become severe, consult a veterinarian.
  • Do not allow Frontline Top Spot to get in the mouth or eyes of your pet.
  • Avoid contact with human skin, eyes and mouth.
  • Wash hands with soap and water after use.
  • Frontline Top Spot is flammable. Keep away from open flame.
  • Do not use on animals other than cats and dogs.
  • Do not use on dogs under 10 weeks of age or cats under 12 weeks of age.
  • Ask a veterinarian before giving Frontline Top Spot to pets who are currently on other medications, or are debilitated or old.


Additional Information


What is in Frontline Top Spot?

Frontline Top Spot contains 9.7% Fipronil and 90.3% Inert ingredients


Where should I store Frontline Top Spot?

Frontline Top Spot should be stored in a room temperature area, out of reach of children and animals, and away from food, beverages and heat sources.


What should I do if I missed a dose?

Administer the dose as soon as you remember to do it. If you have missed the previous dose and are near the next scheduled dose, continue with the current schedule of monthly doses. Do not give your pet multiple doses simultaneously.


Is it okay for my pet to get wet after a dose?

Users should wait 48 hours after application to bathe their pet or allow their pet to swim so that the solution can be completely absorbed by the pet.


Can I wash my pet while it is being treated with Frontline Top Spot?

Yes. However, it is recommended that a soap-free shampoo be used which will not wash away the natural oils of the pet.


Is it safe to use Frontline Top Spot year round on a consistent monthly basis?

Yes. This is recommended for people living in hot areas where fleas and ticks can be found throughout the year. 

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