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Capstar (Novartis)

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Capstar is an oral anti-flea treatment for dogs and cats of four weeks and older. Perfect for sudden flea infestations, Capstar works fast to kill any fleas currently taking up residence beneath your pet’s fur. It is a great supplement to other longer term preventative flea medications, helping to provide total protection against outbreaks.



  • Quick Acting: Begins to work within 30 minutes and can kill almost 100% of adult fleas within 8 hours.
  • Clean: As it is an oral tablet, there are no messy lotions or odorous sprays to apply to your pet.
  • Safe: Capstar can be administered to dogs and cats as young as 4 weeks old, even those which are pregnant or nursing.
  • Useful For New Pets: Capstar’s quick ability to kill fleas, and safety for use from a young age (4 weeks and older), make it appropriate to give to newly adopted and visiting pets to ensure your home does not become infested.


How It Works

Capstar’s active ingredient is a chemical compound called nitenpyram. When a Capstar tablet is administered, the nitenpyram dissolves and enters the pet’s bloodstream. When adult fleas bite the pet, the nitenpyram in the blood they ingest, binds to the nervous systems of the fleas, killing them.

This means that once a Capstar tablet has been digested by your pet, any fleas feeding off of it will be lethally poisoned. While nitenpyram binds very well to the nerves of insects, it binds very poorly to those of mammals like dogs and cats. Therefore, pets are not at risk of being adversely affected by nitenpyram.



First, ensure that you have the correct size Capstar tablet for your pet.



Dogs/Cats of 4 weeks and older weighing between 2 and 25 lbs.

One 11.4 mg tablet

Dogs/Cats of 4 weeks and older weighing over 25 lbs.

One 57 mg tablet


With the correct size tablet, place it in your pet’s mouth or conceal it in a meal. If you have doubts that your pet swallowed the first tablet, it is safe to administer the tablet a second time.

If your pet becomes infested with fleas again, it is safe to continuously administer capstar tablets as often as once every 24 hours.

Effects should be noticeable after 30 minutes (fleas falling off of the pet), and total eradication of the adult flea population on your pet should be nearly complete 8 hours after administering Capstar.



  • It is recommended that all household pets be treated with Capstar simultaneously so as to eliminate any places of refuge for fleas in the home.
  • Not for human consumption. Keep out of reach of children.
  • Animals may appear slightly agitated following the treatment. This is due to the behavior of the fleas on their body once they have ingested Nitenpyram. Fleas poisoned by Nitenpyram tend to become erratic and twitchy, which can tickle the animal upon which they reside.
  • Do not cut a Capstar tablet, meant for a bigger pet, in half to give to a smaller pet. 


Additional Information

For How Long is a dose of Capstar Effective?

Capstar quickly kills existing fleas. A single dose of Capstar will be active in killing fleas for up to two days. It will kill nearly 100% of fleas on the body of the pet at the time of application. For longer lasting and preventative protection, it is recommended that users supplement their use of Capstar with another flea treatment (like Program [link]) for full protection against fleas.

How long does it take for Capstar to start working?

Capstar starts to work 30 minutes after dosage


At what age is it safe to give dogs and cats Capstar?

Dogs or Cats of 4 weeks of age or older can safely take Capstar.


Why do I need Capstar if I use a longer term preventative flea treatment?

Capstar is useful in quickly eradicating biting fleas, whereas other flea treatments may take much longer to stop fleas from biting. This is especially useful for pets with Flea Allergy Dermatitis.


Can Capstar Be Used With Other Products?

Yes. Capstar is safe for use with other flea treatments as well as heartworm preventatives, corticosteroids, and deworming medications.


How often can Capstar be used?

Capstar should kill all fleas currently on your pet. If reinfestation occurs, Capstar can be used as often as once per day.


Should I use Capstar on all pets at once?

Yes. Using Capstar on all of your pets simultaneously will make it much easier to prevent infestations from surviving, as this will leave no place for the fleas to go.


How should I store Capstar?

Store Capstar in a room temperature area, out of reach of children and pets.

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