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Program (Novartis)


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Program is a preventative oral treatment for flea control in dogs and cats of 6 weeks of age and older. It attacks fleas at the larval stage, preventing pet flea infestation by stifling the development of flea larvae. Its safety and efficacy in rendering fleas unable to reproduce make it a key part of a comprehensive flea control regimen.



  • Long Lasting: One tablet provides one full month of prevention of flea infestation
  • Effective: Prevents flea infestation at the source
  • Safe: Low risk for mishap or side effects
  • Clean: No messy creams or shampoos means dosage is a quick and hassle-free experience.


How It Works

Program is given to dogs as an oral tablet and to cats as an oral suspension. The active ingredient (lufenuron), binds with a pet’s fat cells and releases into the bloodstream. When adult fleas bite the pet, they ingest the treated blood. The lufenuron ingested through the blood of the treated pet does not kill the flea. Rather, it disrupts the process by which flea is able to form eggs. Eggs created by fleas which have ingested lufenuron lack structural integrity and lead to extremely high mortality rates among flea larvae. In short, Program stops fleas from reproducing effectively, thereby vastly diminishing and controlling flea populations in the long term.



We offer program in two forms. One is an oral suspension for cats. The other, is an oral tablet for dogs or cats. Both forms of Program should be administered with a full meal.

If a household has more than one pet, all pets should be treated with Program at the same time to ensure complete coverage against flea reproduction and infestation.

Oral Suspension For Cats

An oral suspension dose of Program must be given with a full meal. To ensure a proper dose, mix the contents of one lufenuron ampoule into the cat’s wet food. Ensure that the size of the ampoule corresponds with the weight of your cat.


Size of Cat

Corresponding Ampoule/month

1–10 lbs

One 133mg Ampoule

11 – 20 lbs

One 266mg Ampoule


Oral Tablet For Dogs or Cats

An oral tablet dose of Program must be given with a full meal. Tablets should be mixed in with the pet’s food or administered to the dog immediately following a meal. Ensure that the proper colored tablet is given to the dog of the corresponding weight.


Size of Dog or Cat

Corresponding Tablet/month

Cats up to 4.9 lbs

One red tablet

Cats 5 – 15 lbs

One brown tablet

Dogs 5 – 15 lbs

One red tablet

Dogs 16 – 45 lbs

One brown tablet

Dogs 46 – 90 lbs

One grey tablet




  • Side effects of Program, while rare, have occurred in some pets. These have come in the form of an allergic reaction or an upset stomach. Pets may experience vomiting, diarrhea, lack of energy, depression, and sensitive skin (redness, rashes, and itching).  If side effects become severe, consult a veterinarian immediately.
  • Watch the pet closely following dosing to ensure that the entire dose is consumed and digested
  • Talk to your vet if you accidentally give your pet more than the recommended dose.
  • Not for human use
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • The oral suspension is meant for cats. Do not administer these to dogs.


Additional Information


Can I split tablets meant for big animals and give the pieces to smaller animals?

No, this is not recommended.


When can my pet start taking Program?

Weaned dogs and cats over 6 weeks of age can begin taking program at any time.


How do I dispose of empty Program packaging?

Wrap empty ampoules and containers in paper and put them in the garbage.


How should I store Program?

Keep Program at room temperature and away from direct sunlight. 


I have multiple dogs and cats. Should I give Program to all of them?

Yes. If you have more than one pet (dog or cat), you should administer Program to each of them at the same time in order to ensure that fleas are not able to infest any member of the household. This will make it much easier to rid the house of fleas. Ensure that you only administer the oral suspension to cats and not dogs.


I just gave my pet a dose of Program. Why am I still seeing fleas?

Program only inhibits flea reproduction. It will not kill adult fleas. Therefore, it may take a few months for flea populations to severely decline. For more immediate results, consider combining Program with another adult flea targeting medication such as Capstar[hyperlink].


Are Program tablets flavored?

Program tablets are not flavored.

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