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Advantage (Bayer)

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Advantage is a quick acting monthly preventative topical spot-on flea treatment for dogs and cats of 8 weeks and older. It can also be used on rabbits of 10 weeks and older. It poisons flea larvae and kills all adult fleas within 24 hours of application and continues to remain effective for four weeks thereafter.

Advantage kills fleas on contact, and discourages biting, which helps to prevent flea allergy dermatitis from occurring.


  • Quick Acting: Begins to take effect in minutes, with 98% to 100% of fleas killed in the first 12 hours.
  • Long Lasting: A single dose remains effective for four weeks.
  • Versatile: Can treat a wide range of animals.
  • Convenient: Protection will be transferred over from mothers to unweaned pups and kittens automatically. No need to apply an individual dose to unweaned pups or kittens.
  • Flexible: Start treatment at any time. Provides full protection against high risk environments (daycare, dog show etc.).
  • Waterproof: Will remain effective through swimming and bathing after the solution has been absorbed (48 hours after application)
  • Instant Relief: Animals allergic to flea bites will enjoy instant relief as Advantage discourages flea biting minutes after application.
  • Safe: Advantage has an extremely high safety rating in mammals and is very unlikely to be absorbed into the body. Advantage has been registered as safe for use on pregnant animals. 

How It Works

Advantage’s active ingredient is a chemical compound called imidacloprid. This compound is an insecticide, which distributes itself across the skin and hair of the animal to which it has been applied. Adult fleas absorb the chemical during the feeding process and through contact with the skin. Flea larvae are also affected by the insecticide through contact with the skin and ingestion of flea feces and or dander which contains imidacloprid.


Advantage is topically applied to dogs and cats over 8 weeksold and rabbits over 10 weeks old on a monthly basis. The size of theapplicator used, should coincide with the size of the pet. Advantage comes inmany different sizes (signified by the color of the box) for different animalsof varying weights.



Cats/Kittens up to 10 lbs

One Advantage Orange Applicator Per Month

Cats/Rabbits over 10 lbs

One Advantage Purple Applicator Per Month

Dogs/Cats/Rabbits Up to 10 lbs

One Advantage Green Applicator Per Month

Dogs 11 – 20 lbs

One Advantage Teal Applicator Per Month

Dogs 21 – 55 lbs

One Advantage Red Applicator Per Month

Dogs Over 55 lbs

One Advantage Blue Applicator Per Month


To use, first ensure that the area of application on the petis dry. Do not bathe a pet within 48 hours of application of Advantage. Then, while parting the pet’s hair to expose the skin, take the advantage applicator tube and apply the entire contents of the tube evenly to the area between the pet’s back, starting between the shoulder blades and moving to the hips.

Wait 48 hours before bathing the pet or allowing the pet to swim so that the Advantage solution can be fully absorbed.


  • Ingestion of large quantities of Advantage in pets can be toxic
  • Completely wash hands after application
  • A side effect of Advantage is hair loss at theapplication site. This is temporary and the hair will grow back.
  • Animals should be temporarily kept off surfaceslike leather and polished wood as Advantage can stain some surfaces if it hasnot yet dried.
  • All pets in a single household should be treated simultaneously as untreated pets provide sanctuary for unhatched fleas.
  • Ingestion of Advantage is potentially toxic in humans
  • Contact with the eyes may cause irritation
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Store in a cool dry place away from food and drink
  • Ensure that pets do not lick the solution once it has been applied as this can be toxic. If a significant amount has been ingested, consult a veterinarian
  • Bathing pets with shampoos containing soap may reduce the duration of efficacy of Advantage


Additional Information


When should I start treating my pet with Advantage?

Flea season begins in late winter/early spring so this wouldbe a good time to start applying Advantage. If you are already noticing fleas,the sooner Advantage is used, the better. There is no wrong time to start applying Advantage. If you have multiple pets at risk of flea infestation, they should all be treated at the same time.


Are there any side effects?

Side effects with Advantage are very rare. Your pet may experience temporary hair loss at the site of the application. Don’t worry.This is only temporary and the hair will grow back.


What is the Difference between Advantage and Advantix?

While Advantage comes in forms which can be applied to dogsor cats, Advantix is just for dogs. Advantix includes a chemical called permethrin, which is potentially toxic to cats.


Is Advantage effective against ticks and lice as well as fleas?

No, Advantage can only be used to treat flea infestations.


Will it help get ridof fleas in the environment?

Yes, Advantage attaches itself to dander and skin cells which remain effective when shed from the animal, into the surrounding area,thereby killing flea larvae in the environment.


How young can I start my pet on Advantage?

It is recommended that Advantage be applied to animals no younger than 8 weeks old.

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